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The concept and the reach of social platforms like Facebook are great, it does help me (and many others) to promote my art and I like the idea that it connects people and their ideas instantly throughout the world. I'd even go to say that Social Networks are the premices of a sort of global thinking system. But of course, we're deep into unleashed capitalism and this opportunity comes with a price. You may say: "you're using a service, it's normal that you pay. I answer: "No, they should pay me because my Data is mine, and they sell it to other companies". Altough I wouldn't mind paying a minor fee if the service was qualitative and not, among many examples, being threaten of shutting accounts or your posts being left unnoticed to most of your followers. To make it simple, I have enough of those "happy brave world" totalitarian policies.

That's why, like many of you, I look for a new platform. Lately I have discovered Steemit. Posting and interacting there is actually rewarded with cryptocurrencies. Another good thing is that it is using Blockchain technology which is on the path to "World Wide Trust", thus a way to protect your content. Of course it's still new and it needs a lot of improvement but I am giving it a try and you should do too!

You can find me here: https://steemit.com/@haedre

Steemit Haedre