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In this section are displayed images that I've created for no particular purpose. Some of them are available for sale. Simply contact me if you're interested.

The Techno-Duchesse: A watercolor cyberpunk illustration.

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Here's "The Techno-Duchesse". She is a high ranked official artificial intelligence at the service of the Connceccon, a mandatory passage for all connections in the neurohedre. What you see is her avatar. 

The painting was done in six full-time days. The size of the original artwork is 42x30cm. It's been done with watercolor and black pens.

techno duchesse, a watercolor cyberpunk painting by simon lejeune alias haedre


The original work is for sale, contact me for price inquiry and art prints are available.

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Cyberpunk ballpoint pen illustration: de Hypterion 1

cyber skull, techno skull, techno art, simon lejeune art

This is one of my first big watercolor painting, as before I was only doing black ballpoint pen illustrations. I had the idea since a ling time in my head and I was really happy I could get it out somehow. Its original size is around 60x40cm and was done on watercolor paper 200g.

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In progress

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Black ballpoint pen artwork: Cybernetic nightmare

illustration black and white robot, cyborg drawing art, simon lejeune art, haedre art, futuristic art germany, namur artiste sci-fi

This creature crawling out of a probable electronic nightmare was drawed in 2012 with black "pilot" ballpoint pen. The original size is around 50x70 cm and done on 250g. paper. The illustration was purposed to be later printed on silk screened posters, hence there are only plain lines and no gradients like I usually do with the other type of black ballpoint pen (from the french brand "BIC").

The artwork is available as poster of any asked size and its original is for sale, please contact me if you are interested

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View the embedded image gallery online at: