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Simon in his immersive art intallation "Techno prisoner".Simon Lejeune

Artist, painter, illustrator and comic author, born in Namur (Belgium) in 1981.

Having grown up in a household where art and comic were prevalent, I followed courses as a young adult at the academy of fine arts in Namur. That's where I discovered the sci-fi classics such as H.R. Giger, Jean Giraud Moebius, Philippe Druillet, Enki Bilal, Katsuhiro Otomo, Masamune Shirow and many more, who continue to influence me until today.

Around 2003, I got hooked on electronic music and became part of the Belgian underground scene. For several years I produced “Breakcore”, a mixture between Jungle and Gabber under the pseudonym of “Simon Korfunkle”. During this time, I illustrated reams of flyers and posters related to music events that I was playing at or organizing. My musical career gave me the chance to perform all over Belgium, Europe, the USA and Russia.

For me, electronic music and my drawings were always two sides of the same coin: they both deal with the anticipation of artificial intelligence, cybernetic and nano-technology. But in my graphic work I am able to go further and explore more philosophical themes such as life and death. Ultimately the questions where we come from and where we are going are what interests me most. My style clearly reflects my love for cybernetic creatures full of cables and dystopic landscapes.

Although my work focuses on the future and technology, I only use traditional techniques in drawing. What has proven to yield the best results for me is a combination of watercolor and ink. Besides the retro look of my work, I enjoy the physical experience of drawing and painting on paper. My deliberate choice of technique is also a form of opposition against the current speeding up of time which has also penetrated the art world. In addition, I find it deeply satisfying to be able to exhibit “real” pieces.

I’ve been working as a freelancer since 2004 and have had commissions for different purposes, including concept art for virtual reality games, music record covers and advertising material. The main focus of my work in recent years has been the creation of various comics which were successfully self-published. Of course, I have exhibited and sold original artworks at several international events, ranging from group and solo shows to comic conventions and art fairs. Some of my works are published in the book "Biomech Art: Surrealism, Cyborgs and Alien Universes" which gives an overview over the most notable artists in the genre called "Biomechanical Art".

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Current shows

-Perpetual Exhibition at Disconnect gallery & shop [Berlin]


Selected past shows

- Michael Hutter & Haedre [1st Jan. to 23rd Feb. 2019 - Disconnect, Berlin]

- Lange Nacht der Illustration [27th, 28th ,29th Sept. 2019 - Disconnect, Berlin]

Swamp Fest [19th to 22nd Sept. 2019 - Zukunft Kino, Berlin]

- Avec ou sans bulles [14th Sept. to 31st Dec. 2019 - Jacques frank, Bruxelles]

- Art & BD dystopiques [3rd Jul. to 10th Sept. 2019 - Les Grignoux, Namur]

- Group Exhibition at Disconnect [31st May to 20th June 2019 - Berlin]

- Disconnect Gallery & Store Opening [23rd Mar. 2019 - Berlin]

- Berlin Graphic Days #12
 [6th to 7th Oct. 2018 - Berlin, Germany]

- L'usine à Bulles [13th Oct. 2018 - Liège, Belgium]

- Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest [16th to 17th Nov. 2018 - Berlin, Germany]

Comic Invasion [23rd to 24th June - Telekomunication Museum, Berlin]

CIB18 Sattelit [7th to 25th June - Buchhandlung Caffeteria Bar, Berlin]

Comic Salon Erlangen [31st May to 3rd June 2018 - Erlangen, Germany]

Die Neukölln Inkursion [25th to 27th May - Neon Kunst Gallery, Berlin] 

Berlin Graphic Days #11 [2nd to 4th March 2018 - Berlin, Germany]

- Vernissage "Devlok" [15th December 2017 - Bruxelles, Belgium]

Exhibition "Welcome to the Hyperhaedron" [25th Nov. to 13th Dec. 2017 - Liège, Belgium]

- Comic Festival Usine à Bulles [25th November 2017 - Liège, Belgium]

- Vernissage Exhibition "Devlok" [2nd November 2017 - Hever, Belgium]

- Vernissage Exhibition"Devlok" [28th to 29th October 2017 - Ohey, Belgium]

Vernissage Exhibition "Devlok" [15th October 2017 - Berlin, Germany]

Comic Festival München [25th to 26th May 2017 - München, Germany]

Comic Invasion Berlin [6th to 7th May 2017 - Urban Spree, Berlin]

- Comic Festival BDOUR [12th to 13th November 2016 - Dour, Belgium]

- F.A.C.T.S Comic Con [22nd to 23rd Oct. 2016 - Ghent, Belgium]

- Berlin Comic Con [14th to 15th Oct. 2016 - Berlin]

- Comic Festival Hamburg [1st to 2nd Oct. 2016 - Hamburg] 

Comic Invasion Berlin [18th to 19th Apr. 2016 - Urban Spree - Berlin]

Another incursion into the Hyperhedre [Dec. 2015 to June 2016 - Cafe Stadler - Berlin] 

Gallery X Anniversary Show [3rd Dec. to 23rd Dec. 2015 - Gallery X - Dublin]

Modern Panic 6 Exhibition [13th to 23rd Nov. 2015 - Apiary Studios - London]

Neue Sinnlichkeit [6th June to 20th Sept. 2015 - JVA - Magdeburg]

Comic Invasion Berlin [18th to 19th Apr. 2015 - Urban Spree - Berlin]

Modern Panic 5 Exhibition [7th to 16th Nov. 2014 - Apiary Studios - London]

Signs of dexterity [3rd to 5th Oct. 2014 - Greenhouse Atelierhaus - Berlin]

Searching for the Hypehaedraeum [6th to 7th June 2014 - Brussel]

Le gros d´Ohey [1st June 2014 - Ohey (Belgium)]

Artcore International [21st to 24th May 2014 - Hotel Elephant - London]

Monstre Festival [14th to 17th Nov. 2013 - L'usine - Geneva]

Lange Nacht der Bilder [14th to 15th Sept. - Cagliostro Bar - Berlin]

Exquisite Corpse [Spring 2013 - X-Lab Gallery - Berlin]


- Exodus Magazin #42 (Deutsch)

Interview on 48FM, 24th November (In French)

- Devlok, the techno-templar (Continuation, end and short stories)

Devlok, the techno-templar (Beginning, short stories and art)

- Datacide Magazine 16

- Banzai La Revue (October 2016)

- Datacide Magazine 15

- Neroblio Zine #2

- Biomech Art: Surrealism, Cyborgs and Alien Universes.