Devlok, the Techno-Templar. Book Two

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Presales for the english Book Two. 

Préventes pour la version Française de Livre Deux.


The second part of my full watercolor graphic novel is currently in production. You can see a lot of images of the process on my pages, Facebook and Instagram.

You can already pre-order it in English via the crowdfunding platform "Kickstarter" here. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2082461417/devlok-the-techno-templar-book-two

La seconde partie de ma Bande Dessinée "Devlok" est en production. Vous pouvez visioner des images du procédé créatif sur mes pages Facebook et Instagram.

Des précommandes pour la version Française sur le site de financement participatif "Ulule" sont disponibles. Ici http://ulule.com/devlok-le-techno-templier-livre-deux/


Chapter 3 (Extract)

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More info about "Book One", here. http://haedre.com/comics/36-devlok-the-techno-templar

Plus d'info sur le Livre Un, ici. http://haedre.com/comics/36-devlok-the-techno-templar

Devlok, the Techno-Templar. Book One

devlok techno templar simon lejeune art haedre

This is an adventure in the "Hyperhedron", a universe whose structure is made of nano-machines, where pseudo-gravity and non-definable temporal sectors act as physical laws. After the unexpected crash of his shuttle, "Devlok" is taken away by cybernetic creatures and brought into the biomechanical depths of the poly-teflo-carbon giga-tubes, where humans seem to have no place anymore...

The main story of the book is the 20 pages of "Devlok, the techno-templar":

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