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I have now a space where you can see and buy my art all year long!

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prescompDisconnect is a project between Praxis Records, Yaya23 Records and myself. I teamed up with them when they had found a new space after having to close their previous music shop which was located near the station Ostkreuz in Berlin. 

The new place, now located in Finowstr. 25, still in the area of Friedrichshain, had a lot of renovations to do but we made it in two months and could open on the 23rd March. Thanks to many contributors, the project could come to life through a crowdfunding campaign.

We propose above all music, books and art under the form of vinyls, tapes, cd's, art prints, posters, original artworks, comic books, art books, newspaper, magazines, games and other mediums.

Disconnect is a comfortable and bright space, where you can see psychoactive art, listen to electronic music such as drone, avant-garde or even breakcore and tekno. We also have a selection of out-of-space, locally produced and self-published comics.

But above all, the space is modulable and allows us to host events like exhibitions, talks, lectures, screenings, workshops and much more ...

And on top, we're actually sorted in high grade tea from china which you're welcome to taste -traditional chinese way- before buying!

We propose aswell coffee, originating from radical production in Latin-America and provided by ethical associations from Hamburg.

Know our next events and keep updated through:

- www.disconnectberlin.wordpress.com

- www.facebook.com/disconnectberlin