This is an adventure in the "Hyperhedron", a universe whose structure is made of nano-machines, where pseudo-gravity and non-definable temporal sectors act as physical laws. After the unexpected crash of his shuttle, "Devlok" is taken away by cybernetic creatures and brought into the biomechanical depths of the poly-teflo-carbon giga-tubes, where humans seem to have no place anymore...

The main story of the book is the 20 pages of "Devlok, the techno-templar":

The two following chapters were in my first self-edited comic which featured three short stories (Devlok, the Techno-Templar, Obekna and Controlled transgression), art in full pages and extras in a 56 pages (200gr paper, A4) book with matt soft-cover.

This first english edition has actually been sold out in less than a week. Later a crowdfunding for a first French edition and a second English one have been successfull.

At the moment, the books are only available as presales on my Bigcartel Page.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2